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Gyms in Peru
Bodytech - Arequipa Lambramani
Arequipa, Peru
Bodytech - Arequipa Mall Aventura
Arequipa, Peru
Bodytech - Arequipa Real Plaza
Arequipa, Peru
Bodytech - Cajamarca
Cajamarca, Peru
Bodytech - Chiclayo
Chiclayo, Peru
Bodytech - El Polo
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Guardia Civil
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Jesús María
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - La Molina
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - La Rambla Brasil
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Miraflores
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Multicenter
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Òvalo Gutierrez
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - San Miguel
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Santa Anita
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Surco
Lima, Peru
Bodytech - Magdalena
Magdalena del Mar, Peru
Bodytech - Larcomar
Miraflores, Peru
Bodytech - 28 de Julio
Peru, Peru
Bodytech - Piura
Piura, Peru
Bodytech - Plaza de la Luna
Puira, Peru
Bodytech - Trujillo Mall Aventura
Trujillo, Peru
Bodytech - Trujillo Real Plaza
Trujillo, Peru

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Bodytech Surco

Since BODYTECH is a Sports Center, the exercise is prescribed in a professional manner by Sportsmen, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Physical Educators, professionals who seek to transform and improve the quality of life of our members in Colombia, Peru and Chile by making them feel every day, look and perform better.













One of the nicest gyms I’ve ever been to, and buying a one day pass was really convenient.

Sally, on TrainAway

Really glad I decided to look for a gym during my trip, with the Trainaway app the whole process was so easy!

Kevin, on TrainAway

I found such a nice gym through TrainAway, would strongly recommend this service.

Thomas, on TrainAway

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Peru is a South American country bordering Ecuador and Colombia up north, Brasilia to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south and the pacific to the West. Peru is one of the few countries in the world with an extremely high natural biodiversity with its habitats stretching from the pacific regions dry plains in the west to the tropical amazon basin in the East. Peru consists of 25 regions and the province Lima which is also its capital city. With over 28 million inhabitants, Peru was the 4th most populated country in South America in 2007. Tourism is the third largest industry in Peru, and also its fastest industry with over 4 million tourists visiting Peru in 2018.


Peru is an adventure without end. Histories keeps popping up around the story about the wondrous, south American country. The country has its many jewels, whether it’s the Wall of Trujillo in Trujillo, the 5.822 meter high volcano Misti in Arequipa or the magnificent Machu Picchu which is on UNESCO World Heritage List. Peru has been under the rule of different emperors for the most of its history before they were colonized under Spanish rule in the 1500´s to the 1800´s where they declared independent rule from Spain and created a republic.


Where to Find Gym Day Pass Access in Peru?


Due to the rising tourism in Peru, it’s no wonder that the demand for local gyms in Peru offering day passes are on the rise. In general, Peru has a lot to offer when it comes to fitness clubs, and offers both low-cost franchises, luxurious and modern centers and even small local clubs. No matter what you are looking for, TrainAway provides the easiest solution to obtain a day pass or week pass to a fitness club in Peru. If you are looking for Gyms in Peru, you should check out this gym located in Lima, Surco. Bodytech Peru, Lima, Surco

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