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Gyms in Norway
Photo from Sissel Training & Wellbeing
Sissel Training & Wellbeing
Bergen, Norway
Photo from Sissel Fitness
Sissel Fitness
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Photo from 3T-Levanger
Levanger, Norway
Photo from Spenst Lillehammer - Spenst Arena Søre Ål
Spenst Lillehammer - Spenst Arena Søre Ål
Lillehammer, Norway
Photo from Spenst Lillehammer - Spenst Nordre Ål
Spenst Lillehammer - Spenst Nordre Ål
Lillehammer, Norway
Photo from 3T-Melhus
Melhus, Norway
Photo from Nesbru Trim & Helse
Nesbru Trim & Helse
Nesbru, Norway
Photo from 3T-Orkanger
Orkanger, Norway
Photo from 3T-Ranheim
Ranheim, Norway
Photo from 3T-Steinkjer
Steinkjer, Norway
Photo from Sport-Treff Helse & Spa club
Sport-Treff Helse & Spa club
Stord, Norway
Photo from 3T-Rosten
Tiller, Norway

Why TrainAway

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Enjoy Quality Gyms

Everyone knows that hotel gyms only dissapoint. We always offer high quality gym solution for travelers

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Don’t spend time searching the internet for a great gym with day pass accessibility. We’ve done it for you

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Skip The What If's

Skip the ‘what if’s’ as well as all the registrations. Book a day pass directly in the app and walk right through the doors

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Value For Money

Don’t be forced to pay for a monthly subscription or sign up fees, when your just in town for a few days

TrainAway makes everything about accesing a gym when you travel easy - so all you have to do is get it done!
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About 3T Levanger

3T-Levanger is the center of Levanger with most group lessons every week and we can tempt with various variations of yoga, water, aerobics, spin, strength and interval lessons like Tabata and BootCamp. As a member, you can book an appointment with our well-trained coaches and get free guidance and a custom program based on your goals and requirements. 3T-Levanger is open 365 days a year – train at your convenience! Now there are longer opening hours at 3T-Levanger and you can train almost anytime of the day. The center will be manned for much of the opening hours, so you get the good service you are used to. You must have a 3T membership to gain access to training in the periods when the Center is unmanned.

Blue quotation marks I had dreams of doing all my exercise outside in Norway, but it was far too cold. Luckily, I was able to find a gym on the TrainAway app, and buy one off access in a couple of minutes.

Denise, on TrainAway

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Blue quotation marks Considering how expensive everything else was in Norway, I was surprised how cheap it was to buy a gym day pass on the trainaway app.

Beno, on TrainAway

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Blue quotation marks I have used Trainaway 5 times now and each time it’s worked really well. Norway is fine because the staff speak English, but where it’s really useful is in countries where people don’t speak so much English and you can just show your ticket on the app.”

Ted, on TrainAway

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Own a gym in Norway?

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Norway is a scandinavian country with large mountain ranges, beautiful fjords, and cozy villages. Many people travel to Norway for a sweet escape to nature. Norway is an incredibly rich country and its major industries include shipbuilding, petroleum and natural gas, mining, and fishing.

Fitness in Norway

Fitness is very prevalent in Norway and is considered the most mature fitness market in all of Europe. According to a study in 2015, there is a ratio of about 5200 members per fitness club, which equates to about 20% of the population who are enrolled to a gym, the highest in all of Europe.

Because of the high rate of gym-goers in Norway and the general wealth of everyone in the country, many of the gyms in Norway are well maintained and well stocked with equipment. Norway also has a high English proficiency as a result of the demand for the fitness industry, travellers and tourists can easily get access to these fitness centers through day passes.

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The Blog - Step Inside the TrainAway Universe

Tips for staying healthy while you travel? Inspiring stories from fitness people and world travelers? News and insights on TrainAway partner gyms? We've got it all on the TrainAway blog. Go behind the scenes and get a feel for the TrainAway brand and at the same time get inspired for how to stay healthy and active on your next trip.

Whether it’s new destinations with gym day pass access, in-depth insights into some of our amazing partner gyms across the world, or just how to make sure that you take the time to keep up with your workouts on your next adventure or business trip, the TrainAway blog has you covered.

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