Offer your members free global access to fitness through their membership – directly through our own member app

From Local to Global

Support your members anywhere by giving them access to TrainAways network of more than 1500 fitness worldwide

Why implement TrainLikeHome?

Improved member benefits

Go from local to global and add a high value benefit to your member offering

Member retention

Stay connected with your members and help them stay active anywhere

Acquire new members

Attract new members through a state of the art offering

Global network partner

By implementing TrainLikeHome your gyms become a part of the worlds largest gym platform for travelers

Partner Insights

Learn from industry leaders how there clubs and members have benefit from joining TrainAway

“Fitness is a lifestyle choice and it needs to be a routine. If our jobs or our personal life disrupt that routine, it is incredibly difficult to get back into it. Keeping fitness accessible and top of mind is a part of our job. Through TrainAway I’m can make sure that our members are able to access facilities while traveling in the easiest way possible.”

Troy Fleet

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Want to Know More?

TrainLikeHome is easy to implement and our standard solution requires no integration or collaboration with your IT team. Get in touch to find out more.