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No matter where , what and how, TrainAway wants everyone to always have easy gym acees in there quest to remain active and healthy

Fitness for everyone, everywhere

On-the-go health is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in our globalized world. The positive intent to stay healthy when traveling should be rewarded, not washed away by inconvenience. Our mission is to enable and inspire people to continuously take care of their health, by creating a seamless process for finding and accessing fitness facilities when traveling.

Our platform and product solutions are not here to drag away your members from a gym membership – they are here to insure they always have a chance to stay engaged and active so you don’t loose them

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TrainAway was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen with the simple idea of making it easier for travelers to exercise as they do at home, no matter where they are. Since then we’ve managed to build a network of more than 1500 gyms, all connected on one platform. All it should take to find a fitness facility is three basic steps: find, book, access – that’s it.

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