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Gyms in Barcelona

Photo from Centre Esportiu Municipal Can Felipa
Centre Esportiu Municipal Can Felipa
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 3 (3)
Photo from Duet Fit - Av. Roma
Duet Fit - Av. Roma
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Bruc
Duet Fit - Bruc
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Can Batlló-Magòria
Duet Fit - Can Batlló-Magòria
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Glories
Duet Fit - Glories
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Hipercor Meridiana
Duet Fit - Hipercor Meridiana
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - La Rotonda
Duet Fit - La Rotonda
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - La Verneda
Duet Fit - La Verneda
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Mercat De Sant Antoni
Duet Fit - Mercat De Sant Antoni
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Sagrada Familia
Duet Fit - Sagrada Familia
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 2.5 (1)
Photo from Duet Fit - Sants
Duet Fit - Sants
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Universitat
Duet Fit - Universitat
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Duet Fit - Via Augusta
Duet Fit - Via Augusta
Barcelona, Spain
Blue Star 0 (0)

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Duet Fit - Glories

ATTENTION: When entering the gym go to the screen in the reception and click the information button to call the staff. Thank you.

About Duet Fit Glories

TrainAway is happy to be opening the doors to Duet Fit Glories, a super high quality gym, yet low on price. The gym is a excellent option for any traveler visiting Barcelona. Duet Fit Glories has everything you would find in your regular gym: Cardio Machines, Free Weights, Functional and stretching area, showers and lounge with vending machines for your after workout snack. Duet Fit Glories is located on Avenue Diagonal, with the closest metro stations being Glories, Clot and Encants.


The gym facilities are modern, well equipped gyms with light rooms with lots of gym space. From the cardio machines, to free weights, weightlifting machines and functional area, everything is new and top of the line quality. The club has shower facilities and is equipped with a lounge area that has vending machines to ensure you want leave the gym craving a post workout snack.

Passes available

The gym can easily be accessed with a TrainAway fitness day pass. Ring the information bell in the reception and a personal will come to check your pass and let you in.

Finding the Gym

Duet Fit Glories is on the biggest street in Barcelona Avinguda Diagonal, right next to placa Glories and the famous cigar building Torre Agbar. With public transportation, the easiest way to get to the gym is taking the metro and getting off on Glories or Clot.


Blue Quotation marks Surprisingly nice and quiet gym even though it was right in the centre of Barcelona.

David, on TrainAway

Blue stars
Blue Quotation marks Wasn’t planning to work out during my trip to Barcelona but there was a gym so close to my hotel that I couldn’t not. Really glad I went!

Lilah, on TrainAway

Blue stars
Blue Quotation marks I was visiting a friend in Barcelona and wanted to find a pay as you go gym in Barcelona. Loved using TrainAway for the first time in Barcelona, excited to try it other places too now.

Goran, on TrainAway

Blue stars

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Snapshot of Fitness in Barcelona Picture of Fitness in Barcelona Scene from Fitness in Barcelona

Fitness in Barcelona

What are the best gyms in Barcelona?

Barcelona is home to a large variety of fitness operators spread across all parts of the city, giving residents in barcelona lots to choose from when it comes to gyms. Barcelona has the classic high quality operators such as Holmes Place and Anytime fitness. Aside from this they have a long list of independent health clubs that are really great. Especially Club Natacio on the boardwalk of Barceloneta is a all in one health club worth a visit. Of larger gym operators in the city, we like Duet Fit the most – Great locations and value for money.

How easy is it to access a gym in Barcelona?

As with many larger cities in Southern Europe, getting access to gyms as a traveler is not easy at all. Selling a guest pass, especially to travelers who will not become a member, is not something the clubs have installed in their system in Barcelona. Most often you have to pay for a whole months plus sign up fee in order to use a gyms facilities. And this your not even sure to get a chance to do – some places you will not even be sure to have entrance at all.

How to find a gym with day pass access in Barcelona?

Make sure to write or call in advance if you have a particular club you would like to use while visiting Barcelona. With that being said, it’s pretty much a coin toss weather the gyms get back to you, or you will reach somebody who does not speak english. TrainAway has now made all of this easier for you, so you can just worry about getting your workout in. We partnered up with Duet Fit which give you more more than 10 great gym options around Barcelona with budget friendly gym day passes.

What’s the normal price of a day pass in Barcelona?

Fitness in Spain is not as expensive as other southern European countries. The expensive part is the fact that you have to pay for sign up + 1 month in most gyms to workout there, even if you’re only in the city for some days. The day passes you do find typically range from €10-€30. TrainAway day passes in all partner gyms in Barcelona are €8.

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Whether it’s new destinations with gym day pass access, in-depth insights into some of our amazing partner gyms across the world, or just how to make sure that you take the time to keep up with your workouts on your next adventure or business trip, the TrainAway blog has you covered.

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