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Gyms in Lisbon

Photo from Fitness Hut - Alexandre Herculano
Fitness Hut - Alexandre Herculano
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4 (18)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Alfragide
Fitness Hut - Alfragide
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4.5 (3)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Almirante Reis
Fitness Hut - Almirante Reis
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3.5 (10)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Alverca
Fitness Hut - Alverca
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4.5 (2)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Amadora
Fitness Hut - Amadora
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4 (1)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Amoreiras
Fitness Hut - Amoreiras
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (7)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Arco Do Cego
Fitness Hut - Arco Do Cego
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4 (8)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Avenida De Roma
Fitness Hut - Avenida De Roma
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 5 (1)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Benfica
Fitness Hut - Benfica
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 2 (4)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Cascais
Fitness Hut - Cascais
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 2.5 (4)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Elias Garcia
Fitness Hut - Elias Garcia
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (5)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Linda-A-Velha
Fitness Hut - Linda-A-Velha
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 2 (1)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Loures
Fitness Hut - Loures
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (2)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Massamá
Fitness Hut - Massamá
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 0 (0)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Odivelas
Fitness Hut - Odivelas
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4 (1)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Olivais
Fitness Hut - Olivais
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3.5 (3)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Parque Das Nações
Fitness Hut - Parque Das Nações
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3.5 (4)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Picoas
Fitness Hut - Picoas
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3.5 (5)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Porto Salvo
Fitness Hut - Porto Salvo
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (3)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Santos
Fitness Hut - Santos
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (40)
Photo from Fitness Hut - Sintra
Fitness Hut - Sintra
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 3 (3)
Photo from Ginásio Clube Português
Ginásio Clube Português
Lisbon, Portugal
Blue Star 4 (1)

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Ginásio Clube Português

About Ginásio Clube Português

A true city of sport is what defines the Ginásio Clube Português (GCP). This historic club founded in 1875 has everything – there is a restaurant, a hairdresser, a spa, a library, a language school, and a beauty center. The 6th floor gives you a great view of the river. The club has won more than 10 awards with its members representing the country in international games such as the Olympics.


If you want to find a gym where you can make any possible fitness program when you are in Amoreiras then GCP is the right place for you. This gym is fully equipped with any machine and equipment you want for your workout, it also has a kids area and countless of areas for different classes. It even has areas for sport activities such as; fencing, soccer, tennis, capoeira, gymnastics, archery, volleyball, shooting sport and dancing. Any sport and recreational activity you want when you are near Amoreiras, you will find it in this gym.

Gym day Passes

To use the gym facilities in GCP you need membership which is different depending on your needs. By purchasing a gym day pass through TrainAway you get the benefit of using this super excellent facility, which gives you a lot of advantages.

Finding the gym

Ginásio Clube Português is located in Amoreiras a 7-minute walk from the Amoreiras Shopping Center. If you are in a car then it is a 10-minute drive from the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology. There are buses and taxis available to GCP throughout the day.


If you are particular with your equipments, want to try out a sport or just need to find a place that have options then we would recommend Ginásio Clube Português.

Blue Quotation marks Found my new favorite fitness studio in Lisboa! So much better than the hotel gym. Super easy way to get a one day gym pass on a short trip.

Jan R. on TrainAway

Blue stars
Blue Quotation marks Super to be able to enjoy the delicious food in Lisbon without worrying about feeling at all guilty, because I managed to find a drop in gym and get a gym day pass literally 5 minutes from my hotel on TrainAway.

Cory N. on TrainAway

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Blue Quotation marks Found the best Lisbon gym for students! Great for pay as you go gym access and short-term gym passes, cheap but high quality.

Jamie B. on TrainAway

Blue stars

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Snapshot of Amoreiras Lisbon Picture of Amoreiras Lisbon Scene from Amoreiras Lisbon

Amoreiras Lisbon

Amoreiras Shopping Center was the first mall in Lisbon and at the time of its build the largest in Portugal and the 4th largest in Europe. Its construction marked the birth of the new, modern, cosmopolitan Portugal. The two towers are part of any image or photography of the Lisbon skyline. Here you find some of the most prestigious brands both Portuguese and international. The many quality shops make this shopping center the perfect haven for anyone searching for any unusual or special gift or service amongst a truly comprehensive choice of clothing and jewelry, and technological goods and services. The restaurants have quality, variety of international, national and fusion cuisines.

At the top of the Amoreiras Towers, at 172 meters above the sea level, the Amoreiras 360° viewpoint can give you a unique view over Lisbon, from its hills, Tagus River, the Castle, the houses and many of the landmarks in the capital. Some free long-range monoculars and maps aid you in finding the landmarks. Many buses go to the shopping center. Also, the metro has a station at Marquês de Pombal a 15-minute walk to the mall. Tram 24 and taxis are also available.

Fitness near Amoreiras

The Amoreiras shopping center is a top middle-class shopping center. The busy neighborhood with major business hubs and hotels, both national and international makes the gyms near Amoreiras of very high quality as that is the only competitive advantage they can have. One fitness facility near Amoreiras that stands tall among the rest is the Ginásio Clube Português (GCP), to which you can buy a gym day pass through TrainAway.

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