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Gyms in Rome

Photo from Crossfit Monteverde
Crossfit Monteverde
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Barberini
Dabliu Barberini
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Colosseo
Dabliu Colosseo
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Fitness Suite
Dabliu Fitness Suite
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Margherita
Dabliu Margherita
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Parioli
Dabliu Parioli
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Dabliu Prati
Dabliu Prati
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Passion Battistini
Passion Battistini
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Passion Monteverde
Passion Monteverde
Rome, Italy
Blue Star 5 (1)
Photo from Passion Prenestina
Passion Prenestina
Rome, Italy
Blue Star 2 (1)
Photo from Passion Tuscolana
Passion Tuscolana
Rome, Italy
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Photo from Passion Villa Gordiani
Passion Villa Gordiani
Rome, Italy
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About Dabliu Colosseo near Roman Forum

About Dabliu Colosseo

Welcome to Dabliu Colosseo! A high end luxury feel gym that will leave you desiring nothing. It’s a excellent choice for the traveler seaking a gym when visiting Rome. The Fitness club has a 1300 m² gym space offering cardio training, bodybuilding and functional training. It all comes in a great atmosphere and venue with spectacular lighting and music and a overall quality feel. As it name suggest, Dabliu Colosseo is located right next to the biggest tourist attraction in Rome, The Colosseo. Other than being next door to the famous monument and right in a tourist hub, Dabliu Colosseo is also easy to get to with public transportation.


The gym offer cardio machines, resistance machines, free weights, crossfit across five activity areas: the weight room, the exclusive Indoor Cycling room, the Functional and Suspension hall, the Kinesis by Technogym studio, the Pilates studio and the aerobics room. All Technogym machines are super-equipped, equipped with ipod and usb connection, with screen for TV, radio, games, internet browser, headphones, book holder, palm sensors. The club offers locker, vending machines, showers and has towel rental in case you forgot your own. The reception is manned during the entire opening hours.

Passes available

The fitness club can be accessed easily by buying a TrainAway day pass. Show the gym pass in the reception and you will be ready to train within minutes.

Finding the Gym

Other than being next door to the famous monument and right in a tourist hub, Dabliu Colosseo is also easy to get to with public transportation. You can get right to the gym with both the public tramp and busses at the stops Piazza Del Colosseo and Celio Vibenna. The metro is also somewhat close to the gym. Take metro line MEB and hop off on Colosseo station and it’s a 5-10 minute walk.


Dabliu Colosseo is one of the best choices for a fitness club if your a visitor needing a workout during your stay in Rome. Luckily – now it’s just a 3 tap exercise on your phone to get a day pass from TrainAway.

Blue Quotation marks I’ve visited Rome many times before without finding a quality gym. I decided to try TrainAway and on my first attempt I found a fairly new fitness center with helpful staff. Was surprised by how easy everything worked

Niels H., on TrainAway

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Blue Quotation marks I am French and speak no Italian. Trainaway made it easy for me to use a gym in Italy.

Gilles M., on TrainAway

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Blue Quotation marks Normally I don’t work out on holiday because it’s so hard to find a good gym. And then when I get home I have to lose all that weight I’ve put on, especially when I go to Italy! Luckily, this time I’ll only have a couple of pounds to shake off.

Jill L., on TrainAway

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Snapshot of Roman Forum Picture of Roman Forum Scene from Roman Forum

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was one of the most important places in ancient Rome: a hub for political and social activities. Originally a swampy area, it was drained by Cloaca Maxima, one of the first sewer systems in the world. Through the centuries it grew monumental demonstration of the power and splendour of the Roman Empire along with the nearby Colosseum.

Why is it so important? According to the legend, the founder of Rome, Romulus is buried here. Julius Caesar was cremated here after he was assassinated. The Vestal Virgins lived here, tasked to keep the sacred fire burning in the Temple of Vesta. The Senate met here, deciding on the most important public matters.

Yet, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Roman Forum was somehow forgotten and buried under the earth until extensive excavations in the 20th century. Nowadays, you can visit it by buying one combined ticket for the Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, valid for 2 days, giving plenty of time to visitors to explore all three monuments

Fitness near the Roman Forum

Italy has the fourth largest fitness industry in Europe with a reported number of 5.3 million people signed up to a gym (10.5% of the entire population).
However, you may encounter some difficulties when trying to access gyms while being on a holiday or a business trip in Rome, due to a low English proficiency index. Using TrainAway to buy day passes and get access to the best gyms near the Roman Forum removes the language barrier and guarantees a great training experience for travelers.

If you want to work out in an amazing environment in Rome a few minutes away from the Roman Forum, take a look at Dabliu Colosseo!

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Whether it’s new destinations with gym day pass access, in-depth insights into some of our amazing partner gyms across the world, or just how to make sure that you take the time to keep up with your workouts on your next adventure or business trip, the TrainAway blog has you covered.

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