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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy
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Why work out with TrainAway?

Another city. Unfamilliar teritory. Motivated for a great workout. What do you do?

TrainAway was created to remove barriers to fitness and to remove the inconvenience of working out in a gym while traveling.

Forget the hotel gyms, the home workouts and the time-consuming research behind accessing a quality gym. TrainAway gets you in to gyms in more than 35 countries and 250 cities worldwide. No subscription needed, just buy a day pass when you need it, show it at the reception of the gym and you're ready for what really matters - a great workout!

Dabliu Fitness Suite

About Dabliu Fitness Suite

Step inside a unique health experience. If you value privacy, Fitness Suite is the place for you to go if you are in central Rome. A small workout space in a luxurious building. After the workout, enjoy on of the great views you will find of the city of Rome from the balcony, which houses a great comfort area to enjoy total peace. You can find Dabliu Fitness Suite in the middle of Rome in the area of Piazza de Spagna. Also the metro station Spagna is the closest public transportation, taking you right to the doorstep of the club.


The gymspace is small in Fitness Suite and most reminds you of a personal gym space, making it ideal if you want to find a workout by yourself. You will find lot of equipment to have a own bodyweight workout and a couple of upper body machines. The showers are fresh and luxurious and leaves nothing desired.

Passes available

The gym can easily be accessed with a TrainAway gym day pass. Show the pass in the reception and you will be ready to train in no time.

Finding the Gym

The club is located in the heart of Rome and is easy to get to from any visitor finding them self in the capitol of Italy. Public transportation will take you right to the door, just jump on the metro and hop off at Spagna station.


Fitness Suite is a small gym space with a personal gym feel to it. You will not find all equipment you can find in your regular gym, but the peace and quiet is mesmerizing and the afterwards view from the balcony over Rome is to die for. A gym day pass from TrainAway will take you straight inside.

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I’ve visited Rome many times before without finding a quality gym. I decided to try TrainAway and on my first attempt I found a fairly new fitness center with helpful staff. Was surprised by how easy everything worked

Niels H., on TrainAway

I am French and speak no Italian. Trainaway made it easy for me to use a gym in Italy.

Gilles M., on TrainAway

Normally I don’t work out on holiday because it’s so hard to find a good gym. And then when I get home I have to lose all that weight I’ve put on, especially when I go to Italy! Luckily, this time I’ll only have a couple of pounds to shake off.

Jill L., on TrainAway

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Completed around 126AD, nowadays Pantheon is the best reserved ancient Rome monument in the heart of Rome. The original structure was built around 27-25 BC by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of Augustus, the first Roman emperor. The reconstruction of the structure was carried out under Hadrian between 118-126BC, creating the temple as we know it today. Yet, the facade hiding the huge dome reads M.AGRIPPA.L.F.COS.TERTIVM.FECIT, which means “Marcus Agrippa, son of Lucius, built this temple when he was a Consul.”

The dome is a perfect sphere measuring 145 Roman feet (approx. 43,5 meters) both in width and height. When you enter the building, the initial reaction is to look up to the oculus (9 meters in diameter) which is the only source of natural light in the temple. Inside you can find the tombs of several Italian kings and artists, most notably Raphael.

The Pantheon is standing on Piazza della Rotonda and is surrounded by nice little streets. Being so central, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain or Castel Sant’Angelo are all within walking distance.

Fitness near the Pantheon in Rome

Italy has one of the most active fitness industries in all of Europe with a reported 10.5% of the population being signed up to a gym (5.3 million people). However, you may encounter some difficulties when trying to access gyms while being on a holiday or a business trip in Rome, due to a low English proficiency index. Using TrainAway to buy day passes and get access to the best gyms in Rome removes the language barrier and guarantees a great training experience for travelers.

Depending on your planned schedule, you can head to several gyms near the Pantheon: Dabliu Fitness Suite and Dabliu Barberini are both a few minutes of walk away.

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