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Gyms in Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany
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Hamburg, Germany
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Hamburg, Germany
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ELBGYM Alsterufer

Our fitness studio on the Alsterufer impresses with its family character and a stylish ambience. The club is at a prime location in Alster and offers you a high-quality, state-of-the-art equipment including the latest in fitness both in terms of cardio machines, weight lifting and performance training.
A sauna and relaxation area with steam room, as well as a generous five area for stretching, round off the targeted training.

ELBGYM Alsterufer is the place to go in Hamburg for a optimal workout experience – trust when we say that you will not regret it!

One of the nicest gyms I’ve ever been to, and buying a pass was super easy.

Kristin, on TrainAway

Really glad I decided to look for a gym during my trip to Hamburg, I found and tried several with the Trainaway app.

Alex, on TrainAway

I found such a nice gym thorugh TrainAway that I had no regrets about taking time off from sightseeing to work out almost every day.

Tom, on TrainAway

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Literally translating to “old town”, Altstadt is the largest and oldest area in the city of Hamburg. The first settlements in Altstadt date from 8th century BC, but it wasn’t until 7th century CE that merchants began establishing it as a trade center. This is when the economy flourished and when Hamburg as a city was born. Due to the “Great Fire” that occurred in 1842 as well as the WWII bombings, most of the old buildings were lost. Some of the churches from the older times survived, and St. Michael’s, St. Peter’s, St. Jacob’s, St. Nikolai’s and St. Katharine’s churches are considered to be most valuable. The church of St Peter’s is interesting for an additional reason – it’s situated on Hamburg’s central square, known as Rathausmarkt. It is named after the impressive City Hall, that is just as frequented by curious visitors as it is by government officials who assemble there.


Besides churches, Nikolaifleet canal is also worth a visit. Walk on the Hohe Brücke bridge and have a look at the restored facades of what were once merchants’ houses. This area is a part of Speicherstadt, a warehouse district that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To make the most out of your visit to Hamburg’s Altstadt, we would recommend choosing one of their popular walking routes.

How to find a gym with day pass access in Altstadt

Hamburg gyms are very welcoming to tourists and you might meet people from all over the world in one of them. There are many gyms scattered around Altstadt as well, you simply need to look for the sign ‘Fitness Studio’. Most gyms require you to sign a half-year or full-year contract, but there are day-passes available too. If you’re looking for the safest way to book a pass in one of the gyms near Altstadt, you can do so through TrainAway app. We’d recommend the ELBGYM Alsterufer which offers everything you might desire, from modern fitness equipment to yoga and boxing classes.

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